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Compare the Coronavirus infections between countries. Displayed: montserrat

Comparison graph of Coronavirus infection spreading between different countries and state around the globe world-wide. Current display: montserrat

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Why did you create this comparison graph of Corona Virus infection spreading ?

I created the comparison graph to understand better what's going on. I have also created a more detailed graph of Coronavirus spreading in Israel in order to see where is this thing going and how different countries and states cope with the infection differently. I have also added realtime view of new COVID-19 infection cases in each country.

Where do you get the data from and is it accurate ?

I get the data from - and it is not so accurate so please be advised.

What do I think of the Corona Virus

I think that after we understood how does it spread and infect, and what are the symptoms and fatality reate, there are two main open questions:
1. Can you be re-infected hence get infeceted again after you already healed ? - and what is the timing of re-infections.
2. Are there any permanent damages left from the virus after you heal ?

I invite you to view additional data

1. The World Health Organization WHO.
2. Realtime view of infections and new cases in different countries. 3. The comparison graph of Covid-19 between countries in Hebrew.
4. Israel Dashboard of Covid-19 - different graphs and statistic data of the Coronvirus in Israel.

Normalize the graph according the country population

Many have asked me to add normalization to the graph according the the size of the population in each country and show the percentage of infections relatively to the number of people in each country. I am working on it and I will add it as soon as I can. Yet. I am not sure it is relevant (except for the maximum number maybe) since a specific indevidual have the option to meet the same number of people no matter to the size of the population. It might be affected by the type of country and social distance keeped in each country. But a person going to the mall in the US in the same as a person going to the mall in France although there are many more people living in the US.

Which technologies have I used ?

My favorite technologies, vanilla javascript :-), and of course php - no hipsters version, and sqlite.