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Analysis: Georgia is a swing state in 2020

Democrats have Georgia on their minds. When former Vice President Joe Biden's team presented their electoral strategy in mid-May, Georgia was one of three states, along with Arizona and Texas, that they believed they could compete in, even though those places haven't voted for a Democratic presidential nominee in at least 20 years. [Source]

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Opinion: A Texas federal court decision is the latest hit to voting rights in America

In several places, the United States Constitution says that states may not "deny" or "abridge" the right to vote based on several characteristics: race, sex, inability to pay a poll tax, or age. Given that these constitutional amendments prohibit both "denial" and "abridgement," we would expect those terms to mean different things and for courts to prevent either action. Unfortunately, in a case out of Texas, a federal appeals court just construed the word "abridge" so narrowly as to render it almost a nullity, once again showing the federal courts' hostility to a broad understanding of the fundamental right to vote.

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