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Why it's time to retire 'Election Day'

Today is Election Day. So is tomorrow. Yesterday too. So, why do we insist on counting down to November 3? The Covid-19 pandemic has vastly accelerated a trend that has been building for years: voting early. Americans are casting their ballots by mail, drop box or at in early voting locations in record numbers this year.

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Opinion: Key player in war on climate change? The Pentagon

In the final presidential debate Thursday night, Vice President Joe Biden called climate change an "existential threat to humanity" that we have a moral obligation to address. Whoever leads the country for the next four years in January has an opportunity to substantially reduce carbon emissions while creating millions of new green tech jobs that could help revive and strengthen the American economy after the Covid-19 crisis.

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Why a Democratic landslide could crush GOP for years to come

As November 3 draws closer, independent political handicappers are revising upwards the likelihood of Joe Biden winning the presidency and Democrats making gains in Congress. In other words, a Democratic landslide could be coming. CNN's Chris Cillizza explains how this potential wave will crash hardest -- and with the most impact -- at the state legislative level.

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Should you upgrade? Read our iPhone 12 review

Deciding whether — or when — to upgrade your smartphone is hard. Besides some attempts at swanky foldable phones, the look of smartphones hasn't changed much in recent years. Most improvements, while technologically impressive, mostly feel minor to the average consumer. But Apple's latest iPhone lineup has analysts predicting tons of upgrades.

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Watch Barack Obama's full speech

During a speech in Philadelphia, former President Barack Obama delivered a blistering account of his successor's first four years in office, arguing that President Donald Trump has proved he is "incapable of taking the job seriously" and has shown no interest in "helping anybody but himself and his friends."

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