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Prime Day 2020 may be over — but these Amazon deals are still live

Prime Day 2020 was a 48-hour deal extravaganza, to say the least, and while Amazon's biggest sale event is officially over, savings on select products seem to be here to stay — at least for now. Below, we've rounded up all the items that still have Prime Day-level pricing in place, so even those late to the game can shop and save.

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Trump launches frenzied campaign offensive hoping for a turnaround

The next three weeks will likely amount to the busiest of President Donald Trump's tenure, at least in terms of schedule and travel, pushing the 74-year-old President fresh from his coronavirus hospitalization -- which included supplemental oxygen and a fever -- into a frenzied final campaign offensive.

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New app encourages positivity via 'love taps'

We could all do with a little more positive human connection these days. At least that's what the folks behind design company Frosty Pop think -- and they have decided to do something about it.

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Opinion: Donald Trump's troubling vital signs

Doctors have been searching for precise indicators of the health of their patients at least since the early 1600s, when a professor of medicine, Santorio Santori, helped perfect devices to measure body temperature and pulse rate. His goal, as Fabrizio Bigotti wrote, was "medical mathematics."

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