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Opinion: Kevin McCarthy has a huge challenge

It is never a good idea to campaign too openly for a future congressional leadership post which assumes an outcome in an upcoming election. Experience dictates members of Congress demonstrate prudence and humility before voters cast their ballots, sometimes in unpredictable ways. House Democrats learned this hard lesson in 2020 as they underperformed unexpectedly and nearly lost their majority, while Joe Biden won the presidency by a comfortable margin.

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CNN Exclusive: Sinema won't commit to voting for Biden's sweeping social safety net expansion

Kyrsten Sinema, the influential moderate Democratic senator from Arizona, did not commit to voting for President Joe Biden's sweeping social safety net legislation in a sit-down interview with CNN on Thursday, the latest sign that Senate Democrats do not yet have the votes to pass one of the party's top legislative priorities even as leadership hopes to approve the measure before Christmas.

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Why Biden's approval ratings are so low

President Joe Biden's approval ratings have hit an all-time low for him at 36%, which is worse than former Presidents Trump and Obama ever had in office. In the latest episode of The Point, CNN's Chris Cillizza talks about what this means for Biden and Democrats moving forward and if he can bounce back.

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Biden to release oil reserves to combat high gas prices

• Analysis: There's a major problem with the narrative on inflation • Opinion: Harris and Buttigieg could be allies instead of rivals • Analysis: Why questions about Biden's 2024 plans will make it harder for Democrats to win

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Analysis: Why Republicans are favored to take back the Senate

Democrats are holding onto the US Senate by a thread. The chamber is tied 50-50 with Vice President Kamala Harris breaking ties in the Democrats' favor. Republicans need to pick up only one seat in next year's midterm elections to gain control of the chamber, and an early look at the 2022 Senate playing field suggests they should be considered favorites.

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Opinion: What 'BBB' really means

President Joe Biden is getting closer to another major victory in what could be a legislative hat trick to round out his first year in office. After House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy delayed a vote in the lower chamber with an eight-hour speech last night, Democrats passed the Build Back Better Act, which is now expected to undergo major revisions in the Senate.

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Analysis: The real reason Kevin McCarthy just talked for 8 hours straight

Here's what Kevin McCarthy wants you to think about his 8+ hour floor speech in opposition to President Joe Biden's "Build Back Better" social safety net plan: He believes that the legislation is so harmful to American society that he was compelled to hold the House floor for much of Thursday night and Friday morning in order to express his profound displeasure with Democrats pushing the bill.

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