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See who won 'Dancing with the Stars'

A Peloton instructor, a former NBA star, a social media personality and a talk show host competed for the crown on the finale of "Dancing with the Stars."

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McMaster's different take on Jan. 6

Lt. Gen. H.R McMaster was one of the most accomplished and competent of former President Donald Trump's cabinet picks. On Wednesday, McMaster gave me a tour d'horizon of his views, including those about the debacle in Afghanistan which he blames on the Obama, Trump and Biden administrations, a fiasco that he believes China is now trying to take advantage of. McMaster also pointed to the conspiracy theories used by Trump to "incite an assault" on the US Capitol on January 6.

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The first new Range Rover in a decade faces tougher competition

Land Rover just unveiled what will be the first new, redesigned Range Rover in a decade. This is only the fifth generation of the large off-road luxury SUV since the model was introduced in 1970. A sleek new design, with smoothed off corners and edges, retains the classic proportions, but gives it a more modern look to better compete in an increasingly crowded world of high-end SUVs.

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Analysis: Biden's presidency is under scrutiny as never before over Afghan chaos

President Joe Biden is struggling against an intensifying examination of his judgment, competence and even his empathy over the chaotic US exit from Afghanistan. And each attempt the administration makes to quell a furor that's tarnishing America's image only provokes more questions about its failures of planning and execution.

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Zero-G gymnastics? Watch astronauts spoof the Olympics

The Olympic Games transcend gravity and Earthly boundaries. Watch astronauts from around the world compete in their own version of the Games on the International Space Station, including events such as synchronized space swimming.

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CVS will raise its minimum wage to $15 an hour

CVS will raise its minimum wage for hourly workers from $11 to $15 by next summer, becoming the latest large US chain to pledge a $15 starting rate as companies compete for workers in a tight labor market.

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Elite male athletes play in shorts and tank tops, women basically in bikinis

You know the old line about Ginger Rogers doing everything Fred Astaire did, just backward and in high heels? That's also the story of world-class women athletes: They're doing most of what the men do (and sometimes more), and doing it while being ogled, booed, scolded, sanctioned, fined and otherwise hyper-policed because of what they wear to compete.

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