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Susan Rice: Biden is keeping his promises to Americans with disabilities

After the accident, Tyree Brown could barely write her own name. The 2015 car crash injured her spine and rendered the 26-year-old Maryland artist quadriplegic, paralyzing parts of her upper and lower body. Lengthy stints in rehab and a nursing home followed, coupled with painstaking occupational therapy. Beautiful portraits that had once taken Tyree five days to draw can now take her up to a month.

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Opinion: 'What a senseless, self-inflicted wound'

During my final months of residency training in Florida this past spring, I lost count of how many young, healthy Covid-19 patients I cared for in the emergency room who just never imagined that they -- of all people -- could become seriously ill.

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Make vaccinations mandatory in these halls of power

In the initial days of Covid-19 vaccine distribution, as television delivered a constant flow of images of Americans with their sleeves rolled up, ready to be vaccinated, the sense of optimism -- the sense that we could go back to our normal lives -- was real. Falling infection and death rates, coupled with the promise of our return to activities denied us for a year (Nationals games!) only heightened that optimism.

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Suni Lee exploded the world's expectations

That she could fly higher than anyone on the uneven bars, we knew. That her personal story -- her dad's paralysis from an accidental fall in 2019, her Hmong heritage, her aunt and uncle who died of Covid-19, her ankle injury upon her return to the gym after pandemic lockdown -- was striking and complicated, we knew.

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Shakira could face tax evasion trial

Colombian pop star Shakira could stand trial for alleged tax evasion of 14.5 million euros ($17 million) in Spain, a judge at a court near Barcelona has ruled.

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Amazon is everywhere. Here's how the US could break it up

On any given day, you might receive a package you ordered from Amazon, log onto a website hosted by Amazon, ask an Amazon device about the weather and grab groceries at a Whole Foods owned by Amazon. Amazon is more than just the "everything store." It's become something of an "everything company" that touches nearly every corner of our lives and the economy.

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Analysis: The explosive Brexit spat that no one is talking about could slam the UK economy

Boris Johnson has spent decades agitating against the European Union and the last five years battling to free the United Kingdom from the shackles of regulation from Brussels. Now he's in the awkward position of finding himself at the mercy of EU leaders for permission to rejoin an international treaty, or risk devastating Britain's multi-billion-dollar legal services industry.

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Review: 'Jungle Cruise' navigates turning the ride into a highly enjoyable trip

Transforming theme-park attractions into movies is hardly a science, and Disney's success with "Pirates of the Caribbean" is balanced by efforts like "The Haunted Mansion." Through that lens, "Jungle Cruise" delivers about as ably as it possibly could, creating a light-hearted adventure that owes as much to "The Mummy" as anything in Disney's fleet.

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Nurse: Health care workers who go unvaccinated offer unfair, unequal care

Covid-19 has killed over 600,000 Americans and sickened many more. It's hard for me to understand why people would refuse a vaccine that could save their lives and those of their family. But as a nurse, what I find even harder to understand is why some health care workers choose not to get vaccinated and put patients at risk as a result.

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