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Parents of the youngest kids are not OK right now

The number of children under 5 hospitalized with Covid-19 has reached a record high, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Friday. This is partly because kids in this age group aren't eligible for vaccines, and the latest Omicron variant is explosively contagious. There are also fears that Omicron -- which seems to largely affect the upper airway -- may cause more severe cases in little ones, who have smaller airways.

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Lancaster County's politics over the past year shows how Trump's election lies morphed into anger that overshadowed local issues

The day after the January 6 attack on the US Capitol, three local Republican officials in Pennsylvania's Lancaster County announced they were leaving the GOP.  Among them was Ethan Demme, a lifelong conservative who had previously served as the youngest Republican Party chairman in this deeply red corner of southeast Pennsylvania. 

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Opinion: What I realized when my toddler got Covid

After spending the last two years terrified of getting Covid-19, last month our four-year-old daughter -- too young to be vaccinated, much less boosted -- got sick. There was an outbreak in her pre-K classroom, so as soon she got a temperature, we did an at-home test.

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Video shows physical altercation on flight

A woman onboard a Delta flight from Tampa to Atlanta was caught on video getting in a physical altercation with another passenger. CNN's Ryan Young has the details.

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Meet Chile's historically young next leader

Chilean leftist presidential candidate and former student leader Gabriel Boric will be the country's next leader after his far-right opponent Jose Antonio Kast conceded in Sunday's presidential runoff election.

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