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Gay marriage is a smash for the economy and 4 other business stories you should read

Tuesday was, for many, a day to take a beat. Social media feeds filled up with blank black boxes. Cities tightened curfews. Americans grappled with their grief and anger while Wall Street carried on seemingly none the wiser. Stick with us, though: this rundown of the day's essential business news has a nugget of happiness tucked in near the end.

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Opinion: Ex-police chief -- What's the plan now, America?

I am a black American man who has been privileged to serve in law enforcement for 40 years. Today, if a young person of color asks me what they should do if a police officer stops them, I answer: Put your hands on the steering wheel where they can be seen, cooperate and comply. And should they answer me back, as they likely would today -- Even if I did all that, we are still getting murdered -- I would have nothing to tell him or her. With my decades of experience, I would have nothing to say.

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