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Supreme Court's key choice on police wrongdoing

Even though Derek Chauvin and three other officers are facing criminal charges in the death of George Floyd, it would likely be very difficult for Floyd's family to sue them.

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Opinion: These people could make Trump's life miserable

In 2016, Donald Trump did his best to tarnish his opponent Hillary Clinton with an email "scandal" that amounted to nothing. In his 2020 reelection campaign, Trump's team has worked to conjure a similar cloud of controversy over Joe Biden's son Hunter, all without producing evidence of wrongdoing.

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Impeachment will help Dems in November

Republican lawyers did little Saturday to refute the case against Donald J. Trump laid out earlier this week by House managers, who deftly demonstrated that there is concrete evidence of wrongdoing. Democrats pulled out all of the key evidence, from official transcripts, to footage of the testimonies of key witnesses, to videos of Trump corroborating their arguments in his own words.

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