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How Europe's night trains came back from the dead

Going to bed in one major city and waking up in another; toasting the landscape as a new country slips past; being rocked to sleep as you rattle across a continent. It's no wonder that the night trains of Europe have been a byword for romance, immortalized by writers such as Agatha Christie.

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Opinion: The only way Republicans can lead again

President Donald Trump is conducting an all-out assault on our democracy. There is no other way to look at this. The President lost the election and his legal team has failed to produce evidence of voter fraud. So now President Trump is attempting to convince state legislatures to overthrow the results. Voters made their decision, and yet he wants to force a different outcome. His attorney, Rudy Giuliani, is spewing the kinds of conspiracy theories that even conspiracy theorists shy away from. This is dangerous stuff. When some writers, such as Barton Gellman, writing in the Atlantic, predicted this would happen, too many people shrugged off the warning.

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Opinion contributors: A nail biter

Opinion contributors weigh in on Election Night results as CNN makes projections throughout the night. The views expressed in this commentary are those of the writers.

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Three writers who could cost Trump the election

From Jeffrey Goldberg's Atlantic article, which alleges that President Donald Trump referred to soldiers who died in battle as "suckers" and "losers" -- a claim Trump denies -- to Michael Cohen's book that paints the President as a bigot, a liar and a fraud, the avalanche of negative news for the President is coming at the worst possible time for him: less than 60 days before Election Day.

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'George Eliot' among 25 female writers being republished using their real names

Victorian-era writer Mary Ann Evans is often heralded as the literary force behind one of Britain's greatest ever novels, "Middlemarch." But for much of her life, and even today, she is better known by her male pseudonym, George Eliot, which she adopted to conceal her gender at a time when women were excluded from intellectual circles.

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Opinion: The problem with 'the letter'

It's already being referred to as "the letter" -- a brief, but somehow still wordy missive, formally titled "A Letter on Justice and Open Debate," initially signed by 153 writers, artists, academics and journalists, and published by the venerable Harper's Magazine (it appeared online July 7 and will be printed in the October issue). In it, this cohort of artists, intellectuals and public figures decry a landscape in which "intolerance of opposing views, a vogue for public shaming and ostracism, and the tendency to dissolve complex policy issues in a blinding moral certainty" have, in their eyes, become rampant.

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The long-dead muse inspiring Trump's briefing show

Writers and technicians labor feverishly while the clock ticks. The crowd starts to gather around 5 p.m. It's a hot ticket. No one wants to be late. Backstage, the temperamental star suddenly arrives. One can imagine him pausing for a last-minute check of hair and wardrobe. Then it's time for the show:

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