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GOP leaders split on the January 6 probe but No. 2 Republican predicts Senate will pass bill 'in some form'

Senate Minority Whip John Thune predicted Monday that his chamber would pass a bill to establish a bipartisan commission probing the January 6 attack "in some form" and seemed content on focusing mainly on the events that transpired at the Capitol, splitting with other GOP leaders who want the investigation to dig into left-wing extremism as well.

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Opinion: Battle for US democracy has begun

Last December, as I was putting the finishing touches on my Christmas tree with my son, the peace, serenity and spirit of the evening broke as dozens of individuals showed up on my doorstep. They shouted, "Stop the Steal" into bullhorns in the dark of night. In a scene that would be repeated in greater magnitude and violence one month later at the US Capitol, these men and women called on me to "come outside" and "show myself" so that they could confront me about the results of the 2020 presidential election.

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Backyard tigers spell trouble

The ongoing saga of a tiger found wandering in a Houston neighborhood Sunday, and the arrest of its apparent caretaker -- as the cat has gone missing -- has captivated America. Houston may be the last place you would expect to see a tiger roam, but private ownership and breeding of big cats is a Texas-sized problem in the United States. While tiger ownership is banned in Houston, it is legal in other parts of Texas.

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CNN report shows Eritrean troops blocking critical aid in Tigray

Eritrean troops are operating with total impunity in Ethiopia's war-torn northern Tigray region, killing, raping and blocking humanitarian aid to starving populations more than a month after the country's Nobel Peace Prize winning leader pledged to the international community that they would leave. CNN's Nima Elbagir reports.

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