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Biden's new plan is an unfocused spending spree

On Wednesday, President Joe Biden announced his massive infrastructure plan -- his latest effort to expand government influence over our economy, laying out a two-part spending spree that will grow our national debt, make us less competitive with other countries and likely lead to job losses among working-class Americans.

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Analysis: Historic benefits in stimulus bill may answer a big question for Democrats

The massive stimulus plan President Joe Biden signed last week sets up a critical real-world test of an argument that has divided political professionals for decades: Can Democrats win back White working-class voters drawn to conservative Republican messages on culture and race by offering them more tangible economic benefits?

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Where Biden got the votes that helped push him over the top

With Wisconsin and Arizona certifying their states' election results on Monday, there can no longer be any disputing that Joe Biden convincingly beat Donald Trump. There are many reasons for Biden's win. Trump's mishandling of the Covid-19 crisis may have pushed some voters away from him. Similarly, his vulgarity and angry rhetoric may have helped Biden pick up support from educated White voters who had previously voted Republican. And Biden may have been a more attractive candidate to White working-class voters than Hillary Clinton was four years ago.

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What working-class Americans want

Forty years ago, I worked on an assembly line and as a gas station attendant. Those minimum wage jobs helped put me through college and law school. Throw in government grants, scholarships, low interest loans and hard work, and a kid from an ordinary background was launched on a path to economic prosperity. I'm a good example of the upward mobility that has always been a critical feature of American capitalism. In hindsight, I can see that being born a white male also helped me.

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