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Convicted killer lashes out at witness

The man convicted of murdering two people during a racist tirade on a Portland train in 2017 lashed out at a witness in court during his sentencing hearing, telling the woman, "I should have killed you."

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Restaurant denies service to Black boy for his clothes

A Baltimore restaurant group has apologized after a video showed a Black woman and her son being denied service because the boy's clothes didn't fit the restaurant's dress code, even though a White boy, dressed similarly, was seemingly allowed to dine there.

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Opinion: My mom blazed trail for women VP picks. Biden's choice is crucial

Nearly 36 years ago, my mother, Geraldine Ferraro, was the first woman to run on a major party ticket for Vice President. The reaction to her nomination was seismic: emotional, electric, and joyous. Although the ticket didn't win, my mother re-energized Walter Mondale's presidential campaign and changed Americans' perceptions and understanding of what was possible for women.

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