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Why Frances Haugen is Facebook's worst nightmare

Facebook is no stranger on Capitol Hill. Its executives have repeatedly been hauled in for hearings amid the social media giant's various scandals, as have other experts on the company. But Tuesday's hearing stood out for the strong performance of witness Frances Haugen.

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How would the Princess of Wales have dressed in 2021?

The late Princess Diana's wardrobe has been immortalized in books, exhibitions, Netflix series, tribute photo shoots in Vogue and even a musical. From her fairytale wedding gown to the so-called "revenge dress" she wore after Prince Charles admitted to infidelity, the world witnessed her style transformation into the "People's Princess."

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What we learned this week in the trial of Elizabeth Holmes

It was an eventful week in the closely-watched trial of Elizabeth Holmes, with witnesses who included scientists, medical professionals, a patient and even the former US Secretary of Defense laying out how the promise of Holmes' blood testing company Theranos fell apart.

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Opinion: 'Callous' state leadership has denied millions health coverage, Stacey Abrams says

Throughout the course of the pandemic, we have witnessed inequities ripple across our society, particularly along racial and socioeconomic lines. Most tellingly, this imbalance affects frontline workers — many of whom are people of color — who put their lives and health on the line to keep our communities functioning while risking their families' well-being.

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South African wildlife photographer Chris Fallows on his storied career

For many people, getting the chance to witness some of the world's most iconic wildlife up close and in their natural environment is high on the bucket list. If you're lucky, and your hands are steady in the moment, you might even capture the perfect photo and a vacation memory to last a lifetime.

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