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Theater bombing: The number of casualties is unknown

A theater where hundreds of people had taken shelter in Mariupol was bombed on Wednesday, according to local authorities, as hundreds of thousands of people remain trapped in the coastal Ukrainian city that has been encircled for weeks by Russian forces.

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Market watch: Dow tumbles as West considers halting Russian oil

While the Ukrainian military's resistance against Russia's invasion has been well-documented, the last few days have seen growing popular defiance of Russian forces. In the south of Ukraine, especially, there have been multiple protests in areas where Russian troops have arrived.

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Addressing Russia: 3 areas where US may take action

American officials on Sunday identified three areas on which the United States could soon take action in an attempt to address Russia's intensifying war in Ukraine: a ban on Russian oil imports, a declaration of war crimes against Russia and help facilitating delivery of Polish fighter jets to Ukraine.

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Russian helicopter shot down: Ukrainian military shares video

Ukrainian Armed Forces shared a video showing a Russian helicopter being shot down. CNN geolocated this video. The area where it was filmed includes a base where the Russians have been running helicopter operations and has recently been under attack by Ukrainian forces. CNN has been unable to verify when this happened.

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Watch: See what's happening on Russian border

CNN's Frederik Pleitgen travels to the Russian border city Rostov-on-Don, near the separatist-controlled Donbas region, where Russian military troops movement signals what the US says a larger offensive toward Ukraine.

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Putin: Macron said US position has 'changed'

Russian President Vladimir Putin discusses a phone call he had with French President Emmanuel Macron where Macron said that the US position has "changed" on Russia's proposals.

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What life looks like in this frontline Ukrainian town

At the end of Slovyanskaya Street, in the eastern Ukrainian town of New York, lies separatist-occupied territory. With tensions on the border rising, CNN's Sam Kiley speaks with residents who say they are scared and have nowhere to go.

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