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Legal analyst: Trump organization tax fraud probe 'largely a dud'

CNN's Kara Scannell reports Manhattan prosecutors have informed top Trump Organization executive Matthew Calamari that, for now, they do not intend to charge him with any crimes as part of their wide-ranging investigation into the former president's company. CNN's senior legal analyst Elie Honig says this indicates the tax fraud charge against the organization is likely going nowhere.

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Hear Rittenhouse's message to Biden

Kyle Rittenhouse appeared in a Fox News interview with Tucker Carlson where he responded to a Joe Biden campaign ad featuring him saying it was "defaming his character." CNN's Chris Cuomo and Van Jones discuss.

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Mixed messaging continues as US enters the booster era

Cases are going up. Hospitalizations are too. Depending on where you live, mask mandates are either being dropped or enacted. Vaccines are more available than ever, but hesitancy remains a real problem. Experimental drugs are showing promise as well, yet regulatory approval takes time.

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Top athlete goes missing after accusing official of sexual assault

Chinese state media CGTN has released an email alleged to be from Chinese tennis star Peng Shuai claiming she is fine amid growing concern for her whereabouts. Some have doubts about the email, and it raises concerns for Peng's safety. CNN's Ivan Watson reports.

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