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Opinion: There's only one way for patriotic Americans to see today's GOP

On Saturday night, state Republican parties in North Carolina and Georgia took actions alarming to not just our democracy -- but to our nation. The first and most dangerous was in North Carolina, where the state's GOP party welcomed Donald Trump to speak at its annual state convention.

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English pubs can open again but 2,000 have already gone under

Shops, gyms, pubs and beauty salons in England have welcomed back customers after three months of lockdown, delivering a crucial boost to retail and hospitality businesses that have been forced to close repeatedly during the pandemic.

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Negotiator-in-chief: Biden notches his first win but a bipartisan governing loss

When President Joe Biden welcomed lawmakers into the Oval Office for his very first publicly scheduled meeting with members of Congress, he spoke exclusively with Republican senators -- an apparent effort to reach across the aisle to get their support for his $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief proposal. Now, a month later, that legislation is being sent to Biden's desk to sign into law without a single GOP vote of support.

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Opinion: Biden is right about 'aliens'

Last month, an email obtained by Axios revealed that Joe Biden's administration is encouraging the elimination of the use of the term "alien" or "illegal alien" in favor of "undocumented individual" or "undocumented noncitizen" in all official documents, outreach efforts and other communications, to describe those in the US who are not citizens. It's a significant development that is welcomed by advocates of the undocumented, since the long-standing use of "alien" is a not-so-subtle dog whistle that has been effectively used to dehumanize not only the undocumented, but actual American citizens.

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Over 100 students and staff quarantined days after resuming in-person learning

Two days after officials welcomed back students to on-campus instruction, about 100 students and staff across a San Diego County school district were ordered to quarantine due to Covid-19 infections reported across various K-8th grade campuses -- raising questions about whether schools in the region are ready to reopen their doors.

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Senate report finds Manafort sought to share information with Russian officer

The Senate Intelligence Committee released Tuesday the most comprehensive and meticulous examination to date explaining how Russia interfered in the 2016 presidential election and the Trump campaign welcomed the foreign adversary's help, revealing new information about contacts between Russian officials and associates of President Donald Trump during and after the campaign.

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The part of Kamala Harris' story that fills Jamaicans with pride

In a summer filled with dismaying reports about coronavirus, scenes of activists confronting systemic racism and evidence everywhere of a nation in turmoil, many of us welcomed the announcement of Sen. Kamala Harris as Joe Biden's 2020 running mate as a reprieve. Harris is the personification of the American dream.

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