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Opinion: The failures that led to the Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack

By now, we have all heard about last week's Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack that caused a shutdown of the 5,500-mile pipeline responsible for carrying fuel from refineries along the Gulf Coast to New Jersey. The disruption led to stranding gasoline supplies across half the East coast, raising gas prices at the pump and to some states preemptively declaring an emergency.

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Next week's earnings could boost tech stocks once again

Investors are getting ready to reposition their portfolios for the post-pandemic world. That means moving money out of big tech, which did amazingly well in the work-from-home economy, and into more cyclical sectors, like manufacturing.

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Bitcoin soars to new record above $62,700

Bitcoin has rocketed to a new record above $62,700 as investors gear up for this week's eagerly awaited direct listing of cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase Global.

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Pressure builds on Biden to act on guns in wake of shooting

President Joe Biden made no mention of gun control in the aftermath of last week's shootings in Atlanta -- including during remarks after visiting the city -- but he will face more pressure now to voice an opinion on the matter after another mass killing in Colorado.

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Biden needs to team up with Mexico

Last week's virtual summit meeting between President Biden and President Andrés Manuel López Obrador of Mexico was uninspiring, or at least the speeches were. Far more interesting was what the Mexican and American teams discussed before the presidents met.

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A Texas woman sues an electric company after her bill was nearly $10,000

A Texas woman has filed a proposed billion-dollar class-action lawsuit against electric company Griddy Energy that alleges the company engaged in unlawful price gouging during last week's statewide winter storm and power outages, according to a statement from the law firm.

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Storm victims face a now-familiar battle: Covid

While most Texans had more than enough to worry about in last week's icy storm that led to power outages and water problems, some, like Tania Delacruz, had an added woe: Covid-19.

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