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Apple's new iPhones shift smartphone camera battleground to AI

When Apple Inc introduced its triple-camera iPhone this week, marketing chief Phil Schiller waxed on about the device's ability to create the perfect photograph by weaving it together with eight separate exposures captured before the main shot, a feat of "computational photography mad science."

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Trump tries to change the story, but Russia cloud darkens

President Donald Trump is dipping into his playbook of distraction and denial, but even his skills at weaving alternative narratives cannot disguise the growing threat he faces from special counsel Robert Mueller.

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Republicans return to familiar posture in Trump's week of drama

President Donald Trump may be facing one of the toughest weeks of his presidency, but on Capitol Hill, the avalanche of news also forced Republicans into a familiar posture -- dodging, weaving and downplaying -- as the party braces for the midterm elections and hopes the President's drama won't dog them at the polls.

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'13 Reasons Why' Season 2 review

By weaving a slow-unfolding mystery throughout its grim first season, "13 Reasons Why" became a much-discussed sensation on Netflix, controversially built around sexual assault and a teenage girl's suicide. The encore, alas, can't replicate that appeal, detouring into courtroom drama in a manner that provides far fewer reasons to watch or binge.

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Opinion: Donald Trump may have just had a breakthrough

Something remarkable has just happened in the Trump administration. No, I'm not referring to the latest episodes of the "Trump Show," with the wildly weaving plotline we all recognize. I'm talking about something important and, potentially, very positive. This week, we saw President Donald Trump discover diplomacy. That is, he found out that diplomacy can actually work; that it can yield positive results not just for the country but for him, personally.

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A college student's take on high school protesters

Weaving through the scores of protesters at the March for Our Lives in Washington, D.C., a huddle of three people caught my eye. In matching fluorescent-orange knitted hats and sunglasses, the family stood out among the hundreds of thousands of people swarming Pennsylvania Avenue, waiting for the march to begin.

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Weaving Around the World

From Venice to Addis Ababa, the West Bank to the Navajo Nation reservation, follow the process of weaving, which has been developed across cultures for thousands of years.

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