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The Steele dossier: A reckoning

When it came to light in January 2017, just days before Donald Trump took office, the so-called Steele dossier landed like a bombshell and sent shockwaves around the world with its salacious allegations about Trump and his supposed ties to Russia.

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The indictment is the first sign that there will be consequences for defying the House select committee investigating the January 6 attac

The indictment of former President Donald Trump's chief strategist Steve Bannon on charges of criminal contempt of Congress on Friday sent shock waves through Washington -- serving as a powerful warning to other potential witnesses that there will be consequences for defying the House select committee investigating the January 6 attack on the US Capitol.

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Tom Hanks is alone again in 'Finch,' with only a dog and robot for company

Apple TV+ must really like Tom Hanks, with "Finch" representing the second movie featuring the actor the service scooped up during the pandemic. Like "Greyhound," this one is in a modest affair that would likely have been hard-pressed to make waves in theaters, casting Hanks in a last-man-on-Earth scenario that's part "Cast Away," part "WALL-E."

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Opinion: How alternative meats could help save the planet

As the US swelters under repeated killer heat waves, fire seasons start earlier and burn ever more acreage, and floods ravage Europe, the urgency of reducing greenhouse-gas emissions has never been greater. "Code red for humanity," indeed, as we were warned with the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change's sixth assessment.

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Huge Lake Michigan waves crash onto runners

Despite the National Weather Service's warning to avoid the potentially deadly Lake Michigan, runners took to a lake shore path and surfers swam out to catch the huge waves created by a passing storm.

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Up to 16-foot waves forecast near Chicago

Cooler weather is landing right on cue for the first day of Autumn. But first, the system delivering the cooler temps will soak the eastern third of the country, bring strong winds and 10 to 18-foot waves on some of the Great Lakes.

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Mexico's abortion ruling could make waves beyond its borders

The ground literally shook on the day the Mexican Supreme Court decriminalized abortion: On September 7, a 7.0 magnitude earthquake struck the Mexican Pacific coast, rocking several states and killing one person. It lasted about a minute.

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Opinion: Global businesses must address climate change before it's too late

Climate change poses one of the greatest threats humanity has ever faced. In the past few weeks alone, wildfires have emerged across the globe, brutal heatwaves have devastated American cities, and flooding has claimed the lives of hundreds in Europe and Asia combined. As the effects of climate change wear on, these extreme events will likely only get worse.

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