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Opinion: Public sympathy is with the Queen. But the monarchy may need more to survive

My husband Andy Gill was a musician's musician, not a household name, but influential. Last year, as he lay in an intensive care unit, I sat with members of his band Gang of Four as they prepared a statement for release after his death. The statement would trigger an insistency of calls and messages: from friends, shocked by the headlines before I could warn them, reporters demanding quotes and, on my first morning of widowhood, an inconsolable fan, who somehow obtained my private number.

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Analysis: The J&J vaccine pause, explained

So many Americans have been so focused for so long on getting vaccinated, reaching herd immunity and moving beyond the Covid-19 pandemic that news Tuesday that US agencies were recommending a pause in the use of one vaccine was a real kick in the gut.

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Why NASA's Space Shuttle was so revolutionary

The Space Shuttle wasn't just the next step after Apollo, it was a giant leap in the way we understood and used space. CNN remembers the shuttle 40 years after its first launch.

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Analysis: Michigan's Covid-19 surge becomes a reality check for a restless nation

Amid an alarming surge in Covid-19 cases in Michigan, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer's Friday appeal to her state's residents to voluntarily take a two-week pause on indoor dining and gatherings was a sobering message and a reality check for Americans who have been returning to many of their old pastimes as the pace of vaccinations pick up.

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Opinion: DMX was a Gen X icon who gave Black men like me a stronger voice

The death of hip-hop artist Earl "DMX" Simmons at the age of 50 represents not just an occasion for mourning, but one of celebration and commemoration for the iconic rapper who culled soaring artistry from personal trauma and grief. A Generation X impresario who burst onto the scene during the Clinton administration, DMX offered a bold reinterpretation of conventional depictions of Black culture in postindustrial urban America.

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I was apathetic about gun violence -- until my 6-year-old son was killed

For a few days, the news focuses on coverage of whatever the most recent shooting is and the devastation it caused the families and communities. But like with most horrific stories, the majority of people will move on with their lives, unaware (or disbelieving) that the same violence could happen in their own community -- and in so many communities every single day.

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Actor charged with fraud in alleged multimillion dollar Ponzi scheme, court documents show

It reads a bit like the plot of a bizarre Hollywood-centric screenplay: Small-time actor Zachary Horwitz was arrested Tuesday for allegedly running a multi-million dollar Ponzi scheme that involved raising funds from investors who thought their money was being used to buy and license film rights, according to a statement from the Justice Department.

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It took a sea and land journey to prove scientists wrong about physics

In 2013, a load of precious cargo was put on a barge and transported from the Smith Point Marina on Long Island, down the east coast of the US and up the Mississippi River and its tributaries. When the barge got close to Chicago, the freight was transferred to a flatbed tractor trailer and driven the rest of the way to its destination just west of the Windy City. It was a 50-foot-wide load, so the truck only drove at night.

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China flanks Taiwan with military exercises

China's armed forces conducted simultaneous military exercises to the west and east of Taiwan on Monday in a move analysts said was a warning to the self-ruled island and its supporter, the United States.

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