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Royal Caribbean announces nine-month world cruise

It would've been unthinkable 12 months ago as the cruise industry reeled from the effects of Covid, but one operator is now offering an epic new voyage that will last nine months and take travelers to more than 150 destinations.

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William Shatner can't escape 'Star Trek,' but his voyage has gone well beyond it

William Shatner chided me when I interviewed him in 1987. The actor wanted to keep the focus on his move into directing, politely objecting when I asked about his relationship with the "Star Trek" faithful after a "Saturday Night Live" skit the year before in which he famously told cast members playing trivia-obsessed fans to "get a life."

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These meteorites landed on Earth after a 22-million-year voyage

For the first time, scientists have been able to precisely map the flight path of an asteroid that landed on Earth and trace it back to its point of origin. The boulder-size fragment's journey to our planet began 22 million years ago, according to new research.

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They fell in love at first sight on a cruise ship

On a New Year's Eve cruise in 1979, American passenger Marianna Pennucci fell for British ship photographer Robert Knowles. The couple said their farewells at the end of the voyage, but six weeks later Robert decided to fly to New York to find her.

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All-female round the world voyage hunts for pollution hotspots

Eight hundred miles from land in the Pacific Ocean, Emily Penn had a revelation. It was the late 2000s and she was working aboard the boat Earthrace as it circumnavigated the globe. Jumping overboard for a wash, she saw a toothbrush floating by. Then a cigarette lighter. Then a bottle top. Then hundreds of plastic fragments came into view. "It just didn't make any sense," she recalls.

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