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Analysis: Trump offers chilling glimpse into possible second term

Former President Donald Trump conjured a vision of a second term that would function as a tool of personal vengeance, and become even more authoritarian than his first, when he vowed to pardon US Capitol insurrectionists if he runs for the White House again and wins.

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Biden is dogged by a testing shortage he had vowed to fix

President Joe Biden is closing out his first year in office facing one of the same problems he entered the White House vowing to fix: a persistent shortage of Covid-19 testing that, if resolved, could provide a way out of the still-raging pandemic.

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Merrick Garland, get tougher on nsurrectionists

At his confirmation hearing in February 2021, Attorney General Merrick Garland said all the right things about the January 6 Capitol insurrection. He vowed to fully prosecute the "heinous attack that sought to disrupt a cornerstone of our democracy." When asked if he would look "upstream" to hold accountable the people who had organized and incited the insurrection, Garland vowed to "pursue these leads wherever they take us."

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Analysis: Biden's reassurances contradict chaotic images on the ground

As Americans watched chaotic and often heartbreaking scenes of desperation around the airport in Kabul this week, President Joe Biden on Friday vowed to do everything in his power to bring Americans home safely from Afghanistan as that nation descends into chaos under Taliban control.

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Barr pushed investigators to finish leak probes

The Justice Department's leak investigation that targeted lawmakers was more than a year old when Attorney General William Barr took office in 2019. Barr had vowed early on to help answer lingering questions from conservatives about the fairness of the Justice Department's handling of politically sensitive investigations.

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Analysis: Cheney's Mission Impossible to save the GOP from itself

Moments after being demoted by her Republican colleagues, Rep. Liz Cheney vowed to drag her party out of Donald Trump's clutches. Judging by the truth-mocking antics Wednesday of the caucus that turned against her, she has a long, lonely slog ahead.

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