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Georgia voting rights groups boycott Biden's Atlanta speech

A coalition of voting rights groups in Georgia announced Monday that they will not attend events surrounding President Joe Biden's expected visit to Atlanta, urging for concrete action instead of what they called a "photo op."

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Opinion: This is the revelation America is still waiting for

In Christian tradition, January 6 is the feast of the Epiphany, which marks both an ending and beginning. It's the twelfth day after Christmas, and, if you observe, celebrates the revelation of divinity shown to the three Magi when they visit the human baby Jesus.

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Biden to deliver voting rights speech next week in Atlanta

President Joe Biden is planning to deliver a speech on voting rights during a visit to Atlanta next week, officials say, traveling to the cradle of the civil rights movement to shine a brighter light on election reform in advance of the national holiday celebrating the life of Martin Luther King Jr.

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Nicki Minaj had the worst excuse for not getting the vaccine. Here were the other top 2021 pop culture moments

We laughed, we cringed, we tweeted -- these are the pop culture moments that we'll remember fondly as the year comes to an end. From the most meme-worthy moment of "House of Gucci" to the best resurrection of an early-2000s touchstone -- Bennifer tried, but was bested by another music diva -- we revisit the pop culture moments that got us through another "unprecedented" year.

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Japan's best islands to visit, from Okinawa to cat sanctuary Aoshima

Perhaps surprisingly, fewer than 10% of the 6,852 islands making up the Japanese archipelago are inhabited. But among those 400 or so, travelers are treated to a rich tapestry of natural treasures, deep-seated mysticism, thriving cultural assets and stretches of sprawling urbanity.

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I'm a transgender woman in America. I shouldn't have to live in fear

Five years ago, my wife, children and I planned an Easter week trip to Charlotte, North Carolina, to visit some of our relatives. What should have been a relatively smooth road trip from New Jersey to North Carolina, however, soon turned into a highly precarious situation.

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