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Opinion: When debate interruptions turn into bullying

"I was so upset after the presidential and vice presidential debates, I couldn't sleep," a friend told me on a Zoom call. "I'm going to have PTSD!" The tenor of both faceoffs deeply disturbed me, as well.

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Analysis: A GOP senator has gone public against democracy

The next time a Republican currently in government says they're doing something "for the American people," think of the moment during Wednesday's vice presidential debate when Mike Pence evaded a question about what he'll do if President Donald Trump won't accept election results.

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Amy Coney Barrett's potential role in abortion battle surfaces in debates

While Wednesday's vice presidential debate differed in many ways from last week's presidential debate, both saw a key issue come up, outside the bounds of the slated topics: the future of abortion rights, as linked to nominee Amy Coney Barrett's potential role on the Supreme Court.

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Mike Pence's upside-down world

Anything would have been better than the first debate between President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden. So, Wednesday night's vice presidential debate, in some respects, had a lower bar to clear.

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Post-debate CNN poll: Harris seen as winner

More Americans said Sen. Kamala Harris did the best job in the vice presidential debate Wednesday night, according to a CNN Instant Poll of registered voters who watched.

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Opinion: Who won the vice presidential debate?

CNN Opinion asked contributors for their takes on how Mike Pence and Kamala Harris did at the vice presidential debate. The views expressed in these commentaries are their own.

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Fly lands on Pence's head during debate

Watch the moment a fly landed on Vice President Mike Pence's head while he was debating Sen. Kamala Harris during the only vice presidential debate of the 2020 election.

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Who undecided voters thought won

CNN's Sara Sidner asks undecided voters in Arizona who they thought won the only vice presidential debate of the 2020 election between Vice President Mike Pence and vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris.

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