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Opinion: The demonization of Dr. Fauci is just one sign of this insanity

If we needed more proof of the magnitude of the threat posed by anti-vaccine activists, conspiracy theorists and irresponsible public figures, look no further than the emergence of the Omicron variant of Covid-19. As long as large segments of the world's population remain unvaccinated, the virus survives, mutating into new forms, disrupting our lives and adding to the toll of disease and death.

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Analysis: One thing Biden will not do to fight the Omicron variant

There was a telling moment during President Joe Biden's remarks on the new Omicron coronavirus variant at the White House Monday. He's all in on doing everything he can to get Americans vaccinated and politely asking them to mask up, but he's not likely to go the direction of some European leaders and push lockdowns any time soon.

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How to fly safer this holiday season

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