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Harris urges Democrats to vote despite obstacles

Kamala Harris will take her turn in the spotlight on Wednesday at the Democratic National Convention, where she will portray her story as the daughter of Indian and Jamaican immigrants as one that can resonate with all Americans as she makes the case for electing Joe Biden.

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Europe's biggest countries are seeing Covid surges -- but not this one

A horrifying moment in the Covid-19 pandemic hit Italy on March 27, 2020, when the civil protection authorities announced that 969 people had died in just 24 hours. In the weeks before that, images of coffins stacked up in church parlors and being driven down the streets of the northern Italian town of Bergamo in a caravan of military trucks poured into the homes of Italians, by then locked down for nearly three weeks.

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Trump on Covid death toll: 'It is what it is'

President Donald Trump said the United States' staggering death toll from coronavirus "is what it is" in a new interview, again giving his administration credit for its response despite ongoing surges in new cases and a human toll that far outpaces that of any other nation.

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Stimulus negotiations resume today. Here's where things stand

The negotiators responsible for brokering a sweeping deal to keep tens of millions of people from losing federal unemployment benefits, all while keeping the economy as the coronavirus resurges in various places across the country, are currently at the "airing our differences" phase of talks.

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Trump's poll numbers sink while the virus surges

CNN's Kaitlin Collins examines why President Donald Trump decided to cancel the Republican National Convention activities in Jacksonville, Florida. The President cited health concerns about having massive gatherings despite still pushing for schools to reopen.

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Fact check: Are people immune if they've already had the virus?

Months into the coronavirus pandemic, much about the disease remains unknown. As several countries attempt to regain a sense of normalcy despite recent surges in cases, politicians and scientists alike are working to better understand how the virus spreads and how best to prevent future outbreaks.

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Trump calls Fauci 'a little bit of an alarmist'

President Donald Trump called Dr. Anthony Fauci "a little bit of an alarmist" on Sunday as the coronavirus pandemic worsens and the nation's top infectious disease expert urges elected officials to implement more health safety measures.

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Gun violence surges across the US

Chicago, Atlanta and New York City are experiencing a spike in shootings and homicides this year. The increase in gun violence comes as cities reopen during a pandemic and mass anti-police brutality protests have led to law enforcement reforms and budget cuts.

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Contact tracing is no longer possible across the US South due to rapid Covid-19 surges

• A woman who allegedly coughed on a baby no longer has her school district job • LIVE UPDATES: Study finds silent spreaders could be responsible for half of Covid-19 cases • Richard Quest: I got Covid-19 two months ago. I'm still discovering new areas of damage • US may deport international students at universities switching to online-only classes

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