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Republicans take sides for a Trump-fueled tug of war over Russia

• Ukraine's President urges world leaders to tone down rhetoric on threat of war with Russia • Ukraine-Russia crisis: How soon might a war be and what would it look like? • Live updates: US, Ukraine at odds over threat of Russian invasion

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SCOTUS blocks vaccine mandate for big businesses

• Live updates: Biden 'disappointed' in Supreme Court ruling blocking his vaccine and testing mandate for large businesses • Watch: Why the Supereme Court decided against vaccine mandate

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CDC updates Covid-19 prevention guidance for K-12 schools

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention updated its guidance for Covid-19 prevention in K-12 schools on Thursday, aligning the recommendations with the agency's recently updated Covid-19 quarantine and isolation guidelines for the general public. It also expands its recommendations for screening testing and urges canceling or going virtual with some extracurricular and sports activities in order to protect in-person learning.

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Arizona siblings lose both parents to Covid-19 in less than 48 hours

• Live updates: Chicago teachers locked out of remote platforms after vote to go virtual • In 'zero-Covid' Hong Kong, this is what happens when you test positive • Analysis: Ron DeSantis is being very squirrelly about his vaccination status • The perils and perks of air travel right now • Q&A: Your top questions about Covid-19 and vaccines

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FDA expands booster eligibility to adolescents

• Concerns mount over Omicron's impact on schools • Rubio blasts Covid 'irrational hysteria.' See Fauci's response • Live updates: The latest on how schools are responding to Omicron

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