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Voting rights groups say GOP-backed bills in Georgia target Black voters

Voting rights groups led bus tours, knocked on 1 million doors and gave out food at community events to achieve an unprecedented Black voter turnout in Georgia. The organizations have been credited with helping Democrats win both the White House and control of the US Senate in the last election cycle.

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Who pays the price for climate crisis

President Joe Biden wasted no time after assuming office in taking unprecedented steps to advance women's equality within his own administration. With Kamala Harris as the vice president of the United States, a record number of women serving in the Cabinet and a new White House Gender Policy Council working to integrate women's interests across domestic, economic and foreign policy, this is a historic start.

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$3 gasoline could be around the corner

OPEC and Russia's unprecedented production cuts last spring lifted oil prices out of a death spiral. Nearly a year later, the group is under pressure to cool off the red-hot market.

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How Brazil gambled on unproven drugs to fight Covid-19

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro has long been a champion of drugs chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine to cure Covid-19, despite multiple studies that show that they are not effective. Now, documents show that his government spent emergency funds on the medicines and continued to produce and distribute them at unprecedented rates throughout 2020 while rejecting at least one offer to purchase a vaccine already in the final stage of trials because the terms were "abusive."

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Analysis: Six takeaways from Trump's impeachment trial

After a brief Saturday morning surprise, when it appeared former President Donald Trump's unprecedented second impeachment trial could feature witnesses and drag on perhaps for weeks, senators rallied around the idea of wrapping things up instead.

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How the US emerges from this dark chapter

Amid the hustle and bustle of a new administration -- especially one assembling in the aftermath of attempted insurrection and an ongoing pandemic -- it can be difficult to remember that Americans just emerged from the most successful, secure election in our country's history. Despite a similarly historic and unprecedented effort to deny that reality, we must build on our successes and strengthen our democracy for future elections.

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Something is terribly wrong with Trump's defense

Just over a week before the start of his second impeachment trial, former President Donald Trump's entire legal team has walked away. What already promised to be an unpredictable and unprecedented show on the Senate floor just got even messier, as it appears that Trump will insist on repeating the same dangerous lie that sparked the Capitol riot -- that the election was stolen from him -- and led to his (second) impeachment in the first place.

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The justices are expected as soon as Monday to begin to act on a mound of lingering issues they have been sitting upon, including abortion and Trump's tax returns

In the aftermath of a divisive election, a riot at the US Capitol and the unprecedented final days of the Trump administration, the Supreme Court kept many controversial issues in a holding pattern of sorts, sticking to Chief Justice John Roberts' objective of keeping his branch of government out of the political spotlight.

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Martin Luther King Jr.'s legacy demands truth before unity

This year's holiday honoring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., happening in the wake of of a White mob's sacking of the US Capitol and an unprecedented second impeachment of President Donald J. Trump, offers the United States a chance to recover and connect with the most powerful and resonant aspects of America's apostle of nonviolence.

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Supreme Court's liberal justices lash out at unprecedented 'rush' of executions

As the country focused on the aftermath of riots in the US Capitol and the unprecedented second impeachment of President Donald Trump, the liberal justices of the Supreme Court spent Trump's last full week in office battling his administration's long-term objective to execute 13 federal death row inmates in six months.

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Fact-check: Trump's impeachment debate

Only 13 months after the House first impeached President Donald Trump, lawmakers were back on Wednesday voting to impeach Trump an unprecedented second time for a US president. During the debate on the resolution, which charges that Trump incited a violent insurrection against the government on January 6, some of Trump's allies were still using many of the same arguments they did a year ago to criticize Democrats and defend Trump's actions. They also perpetuated misleading narratives about the events that led up to the attack on the Capitol.

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Why America's military leaders felt they had to take a stand

President Donald Trump finally did it. His incitement of a deadly riot at the Capitol in Washington ultimately dragged America's most senior military leaders, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, into an unprecedented political crisis. Throughout his presidency, the four-star top brass have been adamant that the Pentagon wouldn't get involved in politics -- even as Trump repeatedly tried to bring it into his partisan orbit.

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Impeaching Trump is only the start

Following the violent storming of the Capitol by pro-Trump demonstrators, Democrats are preparing for an unprecedented second impeachment of Donald Trump. The argument for impeaching him is relatively straightforward: that he incited an insurrection and, as demonstrated last Wednesday, he remains a threat to the stability and national security of the country.

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