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Meditate like a Buddhist monk in Bangkok

A pulsating cosmopolis of 10 million, Bangkok at times seems like the most unlikely Buddhist city on earth, despite the glittering spires of its famed shrines and temples.

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Opinion: The key question in the investigation

On Thursday, Alec Baldwin fired what he was told was a safe "prop gun" on the set of the film "Rust." Instead, the gun was apparently loaded with live ammunition, leading to the stunning death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins and injury to the movie's director, Joel Souza. Though an intense police investigation continues, it seems highly unlikely that Baldwin will be charged with a crime. So, after such a terrible tragedy, now what?

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Recording of 'unheard' John Lennon song up for auction

Amid more than 100 paintings and sculptures up for sale at an auction in Copenhagen, Denmark, there lies an unlikely item of pop memorabilia: a long-lost tape containing an unreleased John Lennon song.

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Why Congress is unlikely to protect abortion access

Democrats are reeling over a strict Texas law that went into effect this week that bars abortions after six weeks, but divisions within their party in Washington -- and broad Republican opposition to abortion rights -- all but ensure Democrats won't have the votes to enact new legislation to protect abortion access and send it to President Joe Biden's desk.

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How Tim Cook has grown the Apple empire in his decade as CEO

When Tim Cook took over as chief executive of Apple, it was a corporate transition unlike any other. He stepped out from the shadow of one of the best-known American CEOs and took the reins of one of the world's biggest tech companies facing some uncertainty about how much more successful it could be.

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Here's what the Delta variant means for the economic recovery

The US economy's immediate prospects appear inextricably tied to how the wave of infections and hospitalizations set off by the Delta variant of Covid-19 plays out. While it seems unlikely that the variant would become so disruptive that it undermines the recovery, there are mounting reasons to be worried that it may become a significant headwind to near-term economic growth.

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'Stillwater' stars Matt Damon as a dad crusading to free his daughter

Anchored by an impressive performance from Matt Damon, "Stillwater" confounds expectations in mostly frustrating ways. Director/co-writer Tom McCarthy (the Oscar-winning "Spotlight") has set up a movie about a father determined to help free his daughter, but unlike the usual can-do Americans in this sort of tale, he's clearly in way over his head.

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US women's gymnastics team is like none before it

When it comes to sports that attract fervent attention at the Olympics, gymnastics is always a top contender. Pulse-pounding and entertaining, the gravity-defying skills exhibited by athletes is unlike anything else seen at the Games. However, thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic erasing a year of anticipation-building pre-Olympic competition, there is also an air of mystery for those outside the gymnastics universe about most of the six women -- alongside stalwart Simone Biles, there's Jordan Chiles, Sunisa Lee, Grace McCallum, Jade Carey and MyKayla Skinner. Some -- like Chiles, whose prospects were bolstered after a move to Biles' gym -- are underdogs, and some -- like Skinner, who stepped away from a star spot on the University of Utah's team to train for an Olympics berth -- are stepping outside the conventional path for the sport.

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