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Biden addresses world as Putin makes threats

• US intelligence agencies make understanding Vladimir Putin's state of mind a top priority • US lawmakers received 'disheartening' briefing on Ukraine situation • Ukraine presents Republican leaders with a crucial choice

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White House records obtained by the Jan. 6 panel so far do not reflect calls made to or from Trump during the violence, leaving gaps in what transpired, sources say

White House call records now in possession of congressional investigators do not reflect calls made to or from then-President Donald Trump as the violence unfolded on Capitol Hill on January 6, 2021, leaving them with gaps so far in their understanding of what transpired that day, three sources familiar with the House investigation into the insurrection tell CNN.

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Why tie games flummoxed Ted Lasso

In the pilot episode of "Ted Lasso," Richmond Football Club's new manager endures a press conference with journalists grilling him on his understanding of soccer after a career spent coaching American football. Lasso insists that, under his leadership, Richmond are going to "go out and give you all that they've got for two halves, win or lose," only for a member of the press crew to interject with, "or tie."

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Opinion: The battle that will define America in 2022 began in 1865

Two opposing historical forces have the power to shape American democracy in 2022. These worldviews took shape in the aftermath of the Civil War and have, ever since, undergirded America's legal and legislative systems, national policies on voting rights and criminal justice and our understanding (or, at times, denial of) of historical memory since 1865.

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Long Covid is real. Here's how to protect yourself

At the start of the pandemic, as Covid-19 spread across the world, more and more reports appeared of people suffering from symptoms for weeks and often months after their initial diagnosis. Due to lack of testing and, more importantly, lack of understanding of this new virus, these long-term sufferers were left with no answers and no hope. Many people were turned away by medical professionals and their persistent and odd symptoms were blamed on anxiety. But what was really going on?

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To really beat Covid, Biden needs to fill these jobs

In times of public health crisis, leadership is critical -- not just from our elected officials, but also from the heads of the health institutions that help shape our understanding of, and response to, public health threats. So it's concerning that soon two key institutions -- the US Food and Drug Administration and the National Institutes of Health -- could both be without their top leaders.

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Asteroid has a greater chance of hitting Earth--but it's still slim

Bennu is one of the most hazardous known asteroids in our solar system. Thanks to a visit by a NASA spacecraft, scientists have a much greater understanding of the near-Earth asteroid, its upcoming closest approaches to Earth -- and whether it could impact our planet.

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Opinion: Health risks from heat waves send a climate alarm

"I'm sorry I'm late Dr. Tummala," a patient tells me at the start of a recent clinic appointment. Smiling with what I hope is a look of understanding, I brush off her apology. I have come to know this patient over many years and am well aware that she is apologizing for something that is not her fault. Using a walker for support, she takes three different modes of public transportation and braves the elements -- whether it's rain, snow or sweltering heat -- to get to her clinic visits.

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