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How Trump could undermine Fauci and remake the US government

While many Americans were looking ahead to the final presidential debate earlier this week, President Donald Trump was signing an executive order the likes of which has never been seen in a democracy. It is an edict expected under a dictatorship, a banana republic or a military regime. And it appears to stifle the President's opponents within the government, posing a particular danger should it affect policymakers who are working tirelessly to fight the Covid-19 epidemic.

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Two men whose fates differed under Trump

Rachel Vindman's CNN interview on Monday was a tour de force of grace, courage and patriotism. After her husband, Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vindman, testified during the House impeachment hearings in October 2019, the Vindmans became the target of vile threats and thuggish retaliation that no American family should have to endure. The most vocal detractor was President Donald Trump, who took aim at Vindman for daring to speak up. In the year since the impeachment hearings, the Vindman family has been harassed and threatened online and by mail by Trump supporters.

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In awful year for Asian Americans, I rejoiced in this

Early in the lockdown, my 6-year-old was on his scooter zipping away in front of me on our quiet Seattle neighborhood street when I sensed a car coming from behind. I called out for my child to stop, but under his bright helmet painted with a cartoon lion, he couldn't hear me.

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The iPad Air is light in build and heavy with features

Unlike the 8th Gen iPad that only got some retooling under the hood with the A12 Bionic chip, Apple gave the latest iPad Air a full facelift and rethinking. For starters, the home button is gone and the screen stretches fully to the edges, delivering a 10.9-inch display.

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Trump accidentally revealed a LOT about his taxes

Donald Trump is the only modern American president to never release any of his tax returns -- either while running for president or during his time in office. He's offered a series of explanations for why that is, including that he is under audit by the Internal Revenue Service and that his taxes are too complicated for anyone to understand. At his town hall with NBC in early October, though, Trump inadvertently revealed a whole lot about his tax returns to moderator Savannah Guthrie.

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