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Opinion: What Josh Hawley doesn't get about George Orwell

The English writer George Orwell, who died more than 70 years ago, is experiencing a resurgence of popularity among the political right. Last week, Donald Trump Jr. reacted to Twitter's decision to ban his father from the social media platform with a tweet of his own: "We are living Orwell's 1984. Free-speech no longer exists in America. It died with big tech and what's left is only there for a chosen few."

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Opinion: The real lesson of Trump's social media silencing

On January 8, President Donald Trump was kicked off his soapbox: He lost his Twitter account. After suspending Trump for videos that praised Capitol riot participants, Twitter concluded that his follow-up tweets might incite future violence and it permanently banned him. Facebook has also suspended the President's account.

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What Trump never said

As the last days of Donald Trump's administration wind down, most will remember four years of sound and fury. Explosive and vulgar tweets targeting anyone opposing the President. Xenophobic and bigoted remarks aimed at religious and ethnic groups around the world for being the "other." Traditional allies of the United States excoriated on a regular basis, even as praise was offered to despots and foes.

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Woman rescued after car plunges off a cliff

A woman was transported in "serious condition" after a car went off a cliff onto a beach in San Francisco on Christmas morning, according to tweets from the city's fire department.

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Footage shows Russian police raiding home of activist

Police raided the home of Russian opposition activist Lyubov Sobol and took her in for questioning, according to a series of tweets from opposition leader Alexey Navalny and his team. CNN's Fred Pleitgen reports.

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Hours before the President retweeted a message for his vice president to 'act' in stopping the ratification of the Electoral College, they met in the Oval Office

Hours before President Donald Trump retweeted a message for his vice president to "act" in stopping the ratification of the Electoral College, he met for more than an hour in the Oval Office with Mike Pence, whom he has complained recently isn't doing enough to support his bid to overturn the election.

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