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'It's my duty': World heavyweight boxing champ returns to Ukraine to fight

Current world heavyweight champ Oleksandr Usyk has returned home to take up arms in Ukraine. Speaking from a basement in the Kyiv area in an exclusive interview with Don Riddell, the 35-year-old fighter believes that boxing has prepared him for this terrifying scenario, even though his sport is the furthest thing from his mind at the moment.

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Social media turns on figure skater after stumble

US-born figure skater Zhu Yi, who was picked to represent China at the 2022 Winter Olympics, is facing a firestorm on Chinese social media after she fell flat on the ice and finished last in the women's short program team event.

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Holiday returns will cost retailers 59% more this year

As Americans bring back unwanted holiday gifts, those returns will cost retailers upwards of 50% more than they did last year. Retailers are already dealing with elevated costs thanks to the supply chain crunch and a tight labor market.

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The cult classic that established the 'Wes Anderson' effect turns 20

If a Wes Anderson fan were to make a list of all the things that make them so bewitched with the director's films, it might include the following: bespoke design, symmetrical close-ups, a highly saturated color palette, eccentric characters and impeccably studied outfits. But also carefully shot compositions, elaborate sets, observant human comedy and a sense for the whimsical that few other filmmakers have been able to match.

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