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Biden demands faster drop in gas prices as oil tumbles

• Russia could lose 30% of its oil output within weeks, IEA warns • Natural gas is expensive, dirty and financing war. Here are 5 ways to use less of it • Covid. War. Inflation. Recession fears. The stock market can't keep up

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Market watch: Dow tumbles as West considers halting Russian oil

While the Ukrainian military's resistance against Russia's invasion has been well-documented, the last few days have seen growing popular defiance of Russian forces. In the south of Ukraine, especially, there have been multiple protests in areas where Russian troops have arrived.

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Dow tumbles on surging prices

US stocks tumbled Tuesday and the Dow sold off more than 600 points around mid-morning, as investors grow increasingly concerned about raw material price spikes, shortages and inflation.

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Analysis: Congress stumbles on Covid aid as vaccine approval passes a key hurdle

A key panel charged with evaluating the first coronavirus vaccine candidate in the US raced against the clock on Thursday in the quest to save American lives -- a stark contrast with the dithering, excuses and appalling lack of action on Capitol Hill, where lawmakers are struggling to strike a deal to send emergency pandemic relief to millions of Americans and may fail, once again, to avert a government shutdown at midnight.

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'The Walking Dead: World Beyond' stumbles into the world of teen troubles

With the end of "The Walking Dead" now officially on the horizon, efforts to wring additional life out of the franchise have taken on greater significance -- and for AMC, urgency. Yet "The Walking Dead: World Beyond" is a minor excursion, feeling too much like the Disney Channel version of a zombie show, minus the catchy songs.

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Dow tumbles 500 points

In a painful start to the week for the Dow and the broader market, stocks tumbled at the opening bell in New York as investors worry when Washington will agree another stimulus bill.

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