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White House fires back at GOP senator's attack on Biden

CNN's David Chalian says that Sen. John Cornyn's (R-TX) questioning whether or not President Joe Biden is being controlled by his staff and not really in charge is another example of the GOP trying to find a way to attack Biden, something they have yet to be successful at thus far.

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Putin is testing Biden's mettle

Trying to discern Russian President Vladimir Putin's endgame is always a difficult exercise, particularly given his inclination to upset the status quo -- as he did most recently, in 2014, with the invasion of Crimea and later the Donbas region of Ukraine. But now seems to be as good a time as ever for the Kremlin to test the mettle of President Joe Biden's new administration.

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Analysis: Gaetz shows Trump's style is here to stay

In a fiery defense of his reputation Friday night, embattled Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz showed how former President Donald Trump's brash, defiant politics now serve as the template for survival for the most unwelcome figures in a Republican Party that's out of power in Washington and desperately trying to reposition for 2022.

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Analysis: How Matt Gaetz is trying to change the subject

As Rep. Matt Gaetz faces a rising scandal over a Department of Justice investigation into allegations of sex trafficking and prostitution, he's settled on a clear strategy to fight back: Make this all about private lives and consenting adults while couching the broader probe as part of some sort of "deep state" effort to target him.

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