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Thousands of US flights were canceled on New Year's Day

Thousands of US flights were canceled on New Year's Day as a combination of Covid-19 and wintry weather have slowed travel. Flight cancellations have trended up steadily since Christmas Eve, hitting a new peak Saturday morning as millions travel over the holidays.

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Opinion: What the election takeaways are getting wrong

Efforts to diagnose Democratic defeat in Virginia, a state which has trended reliably blue in recent years due to its northern suburbs and which President Biden won by 10 points, have missed the mark.

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All eyes are on Virginia governor election that's too early to call

Democrat Terry McAuliffe and Republican Glenn Youngkin are locked in a competitive race to determine Virginia's next governor on Tuesday that remains too early to call. The contest in a state that has trended blue could offer clues about Democrats' uphill battle to maintain control of the US House and Senate in next year's midterm elections.

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How to talk with your Black friends about race

When #BlackLivesMatter trended in response to the deaths of Sandra Bland, Samuel DuBose and Jonathan Sanders, a weak link in one of my strongest friendships revealed itself.

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Opinion: Alarming employment trends that jobs report won't tell you

The US economy has experienced growth for about a decade. Yet the share of the population that is employed or seeking work has trended down for the last two decades. Many regions within the United States have an alarmingly high percentage of people who are not employed or actively looking for a job. We find this to be troubling, since the labor force participation rate serves as a fundamental marker of the economy's performance. Increasing participation in the labor force can play a critical role in raising living standards of the country overall.

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Why the 'Cats' trailer creeped us out

The trailer for "Cats," the movie adaptation of the long-running Broadway musical, has hit the Internet, and, well, let's just say the Internet hit back. As the hashtag #CatsMovie trended worldwide, Twitter exploded with phrases like "creepy and weird," "car crash" and "nightmare fuel."

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Alabama doctor: Why I won't stop providing abortions

On Wednesday, Gov. Kay Ivey signed a bill into law that would ban nearly all abortion care in my home state of Alabama. Not surprisingly, a media frenzy ensued. #Alabamaabortionban trended on Twitter, an airplane circled the state capitol proclaiming "Abortion is OK" and reporters called me nonstop for comment.

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