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Opinion: Biden can strike a blow against Saudi Arabia's human rights violations

Saudi women's rights activist Loujain al-Hathloul was released from prison earlier this month after serving 1001 days in prison for "crimes" that included contacting human rights groups and trying to change Saudi Arabia's restrictive male guardianship laws. Loujain is by no means free, though. She is banned from traveling for five years and remains on a three-year probation, living under the constant threat of being jailed again.

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Why you should quarantine after traveling for Christmas

Despite warnings from public health officials, millions of Americans traveled over the Christmas holiday. The US Transportation Security Administration reported that nearly 1.3 million people passed through airport security checkpoints nationwide Sunday.

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Tensions high in Dover as stranded drivers seen shouting at police

Truck drivers and police were seen clashing in Dover, England as frustrated drivers try to cross into mainland Europe after being stranded for days. France agreed to reopen some travel from the UK after closing the border due to a variant of Covid-19. The agreement requires that anyone traveling from the UK into France show proof of a negative coronavirus test taken within the previous 72 hours. CNN's Salma Abdelaziz reports.

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Dr. Leana Wen says you should quarantine after Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is over. Many people celebrated with just their household unit, but many others did not. In fact, up to 50 million Americans are traveling over the Thanksgiving weekend, according to the American Automobile Association, or AAA.

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