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Raytheon announces 15,000 job cuts

Aerospace giant Raytheon Technologies will cut 15,000 jobs as a result of the downturn in commercial air travel — more than double the number it had previously forecast.

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Is the great Covid-19 airplane seat overhaul happening?

Plexiglass dividers between passengers, new staggered row layouts, zig-zag seating, space-age transparent bubbles around travelers' heads -- just as new divider screens popped up in shops and restaurants around the world in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, so came a wide variety of new concepts for airline seating.

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Score up to 50% off suitcases during Away's first-ever sale

Away's line of luxe yet accessible carry-ons, luggage and travel accessories has gotten a ton of praise since the company burst onto Instagram in 2015. While the pieces tend to be on the pricey side, fans of the brand say the durability, organization and, yes, minimalist good looks set it apart from the rest.

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Travel shaming -- another plague of 2020

For many people, travel these days is fraught with second-guessing, extra research and plenty of confusion by way of logistics, travel restrictions and safety -- and that's before you add in what everyone else has to say about your decisions.

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'Game of Thrones' city saved by pandemic

With global travel largely on pause during the Covid-19 pandemic, some cities and companies see an opportunity to rethink tourism with the planet's health in mind.

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United Airlines is getting rid of most US change fees -- forever

Good news about airlines has been hard to come by over the past several months, but United Airlines just came up with something that is bound to put a smile on most travelers' faces: It is eliminating change fees on economy and premium cabin tickets for flights within the United States -- for good.

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