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Poland's coal dependency hampers climate change efforts

Poland is more dependent on coal than any other EU state, for around 75% of its electricity. A full 8% of that electricity comes from a single brown coal mine, Turow, in the country's southwest. Phil Black travels there to understand the pain of the energy transition -- a change necessary to avoid even greater suffering from climate change.

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All the new books you'll want to read in September

Summer may be coming to a close, but there are plenty of exciting new books to keep you busy as you transition into the fall season: whether you're looking for a romantic love story to curl up with as the weather begins to cool off or a thrilling true-life spy tale that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

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How 'The Matrix' is a trans story

Netflix has posted a Twitter thread explaining the trans themes in "The Matrix," after one of its co-directors confirmed earlier this week that the movie was an allegory for gender transition.

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Who is Geoffrey Berman, the US attorney refusing to step down?

Geoffrey Berman, the powerful US attorney for the Southern District of New York who has been thrust into the national spotlight for refusing to leave his post, has a long history at the prosecutors' office in New York and held a position on President Donald Trump's transition team before going on to investigate a number of Trump associates.

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The pandemic got journalists out of New York and DC. That could be good news for you.

The pandemic forced many journalists who previously crowded around media capitals such as New York City and Washington DC to abandon their offices. Some worked from home while others fled their congested cities to work and ride out the crisis elsewhere. Newsrooms quickly transitioned to remote work by adopting new tools such as Zoom.

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