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People desperate for Covid tests turn to resellers online

When Patrick Kennedy, a nightlife performer in New York City, recently tested positive for Covid-19, he was desperate to find more rapid tests to not only monitor his health but track when he'd be able to return to work.

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Inside the huge flood barrier built to save Venice

The first thing it resembles -- this private, manmade island, straddling the Adriatic Sea and the Venetian lagoon -- is a Bond villain's lair. The second -- as you dock at the private pontoon, walk past the Brutalist concrete façade, and into a "control room" where staff watch monitors tracking the waters around the island 24/7 -- is something out of "Squid Game."

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Holiday-proof your fitness with these 10 expert tips

The holiday season can bring much joy, but it can be a challenging time for maintaining your health and fitness. Between the added pressure of social events and opportunities to overindulge, it's all too easy to throw in the towel, resolving to get back on track in the new year.

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'Sing 2' cheerfully serves up another round of animated karaoke for kids

Like the first movie five years ago, "Sing 2" mostly works on split levels, offering a jukebox assortment of popular songs that parents will recognize, and having cute animated animals belt them out to divert children. The result is a breezy exercise in karaoke for kids, where the soundtrack beats the movie and a lot of stars again lend their voices to the chorus.

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