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Songbirds act as one when they sing together

Singers performing a duet, jazz players riffing together effortlessly, paired-up dancers never skipping a step: great performers are so coordinated, they become one.

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Analysis: GOP voting laws change who counts the votes

The Republican efforts to change voting laws around the country after Donald Trump's 2020 loss are often all lumped together as one push. And while they almost all seek to ameliorate fear of widespread fraud that no one has proven exists, the modifications sought actually fall into two distinct groups.

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Don't try to 'catch up' this summer

A year ago, you'll recall that our family lives were in chaos. We were managing the initial shock and fear of quarantine life. We were adjusting to working from home and acclimating ourselves to Zoom calls and daily life in front of screens. Stress ran high in households as families were, often for the first time, spending virtually all of their time together with no breaks.

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Why you should care about Discovery and WarnerMedia merging

Discovery is an iconic brand in the cable world, as are CNN and HBO. Warner Bros., the home of franchises such as DC and Harry Potter, is one of the most influential studios in Hollywood. Now, all of those brands are coming together in hopes of not just surviving, but thriving in an media industry that is diving deeper into streaming.

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Underscored: How Apple's M1 processor brings Macs into a new era

The most recent trend with Apple products is that they're powered by processors created by the Cupertino-based company. And thanks to the marriage of Apple's hardware and software, these devices can work together more seamlessly than ever, making each of them a compelling buy for those already using other Apple devices such as iPhones, Macs and Apple Watches.

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Chris Rock recalls the final time he saw Chris Farley

Comedians Chris Rock and Chris Farley were great friends in their seven years together on "Saturday Night Live" in the 90s. In a new interview with Esquire, Rock says that before Farley died of an overdose in December 1997, he knew his friend didn't have long to live.

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