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Record Store Day offers a sign of hope for businesses working on their pandemic rebound

Of all the aspects of normality Americans missed throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, physical touch has been a common theme. The touch associated with browsing at a record store is no exception -- clicking a download button can't match the feeling of walking into a shop with other music fans, flipping through album covers and holding a new disc.

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'Sometimes we get forgotten about'

A bronze sculpture of a tin miner overlooks a short strip of budget food and clothing stores, and boarded up businesses in Cornwall's Redruth. It's a celebration of the town's proud mining history, but also a reminder of its decline. A surgical mask on the statue's face symbolizes the town's sense of community -- and its collective anxiety over how it will pull through the pandemic.

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Opinion: History shows just how ugly it can get when people don't want you to vote

As a curator of political history at the Smithsonian, I've spent years studying the bad old days of American politics. Leafing through contested election trial transcripts, constable's reports and boxes of fraudulent ballots, I've studied the voter suppression and violence that was once a common feature of our democracy in the 19th century. It always seemed distant to me, with a consoling "it used to be worse" appeal. But recently, this past has been reanimated by new, partisan state laws designed to make it harder to vote.

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Speaker Donald Trump? It could happen

Could former President Donald Trump be heading for the House of Representatives? In this latest episode of The Point, CNN's Chris Cillizza discusses the possibility of Trump making a run at House leadership — through Florida.

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What kids really need this summer

At 7:15 every morning Monday through Friday I return to my house and collapse, exhausted, my patience frayed, anxious if it was a day when I'd lost my temper and already ready to go back to bed.

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What the birds are trying to tell us

As the Covid-19 pandemic shut down cities across the globe, many of us — whether stuck inside gazing out at our birdfeeders or strolling close to home -- found comfort in nature, and in particular, the joy of birds. There's a good chance that those who have been paying attention this past month saw a bird they hadn't seen in a while. Billions of birds travel across our hemisphere throughout the spring, a time for renewal and change, making stops along the way in our backyards, parks and perched by our windows.

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Attackers kill 88 people in northwestern Nigeria

Attackers killed 88 people in Nigeria's Kebbi state on Thursday, spurring its governor to pledge a bigger deployment of security forces on Sunday as insecurity spreads largely unchecked through the country's northwest.

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Opinion: A radical idea to wake up lawmakers on gun violence

I will always appreciate the joy and challenges that came with helping my son Joaquin do his homework. It involved many inside jokes and thoughtful conversations throughout the process of understanding the main subject and achieving the final task.

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Opinion: What Fauci's emails reveal -- and what they don't

This week, 3,234 pages of emails from Dr. Anthony Fauci, the chief medical adviser to the President, were released through a Freedom Of Information Act request. I'm still trying to digest them all, as I expect many people are.

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