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I went to Washington for joy, and Amanda Gorman delivered it

Like millions of other Americans, I was infected with Covid-19 in 2020 -- part of a wave of suffering that came as a direct result of the way the Trump administration failed to manage the pandemic. While I thankfully recovered, it wasn't lost on me that I got sick while reporting on the plight of meat processing workers in Arkansas whose pleas to be seen and heard amid the pandemic were going largely ignored. At the end of four years of a presidency in which journalists like me were regularly declared "enemies of the people" and after recovering from Covid-19, I began 2021 wondering how to recover my hope for democracy and sense of faith in the citizens of the United States.

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Opinion: At Thanksgiving, an America of obscene contrasts

At my family's Thanksgiving table, we begin the meal by saying what we're thankful for, and every year we list the same themes: We are grateful for our health. For the food on the table. We are grateful that we have one another.

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Summer in Los Angeles won't be the same without the Hollywood Bowl

The walk up the hill leading to the entrance of the Hollywood Bowl had made me a little sweatier than I cared to admit to my handsome companion. Thankfully, the sun that had stalked us much of the 90-degree day was giving off its last light and the balmy air was settling around us.

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Earth Day photos: The world's beauty is at risk

The world is full of natural wonders, but at a time when borders are closing and travel is restricted, seeing them in person is not a realistic option for many people. Thankfully, technology lets us to see the world virtually and visit these magical places -- if only through our screens.

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Americans need more than one-time cash payment

As the list of cities and states where Americans are sheltering in place thankfully grows longer, far too many families are wondering how they are going to pay rent in just a few days' time.

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Opinion: Don't call it 'social distancing'

Public health officials tell us to minimize physical contact in order to combat the Covid-19 pandemic. While the public, thankfully, is hearing the message, there is a hidden danger: As we retreat into our homes, we can lose sight of our essential connections to one another and forget about the plight of those most vulnerable to the fraying of social bonds.

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Joe Biden: What Trump gets dangerously wrong about foreign policy

President Donald Trump's erratic actions have brought us to the brink of conflict with Iran -- and another war in the Middle East is the last thing we need. I'm thankful no one -- either American or Iraqi -- was killed in the Iranian missile strike. Both Trump and Iran's leaders should take the opportunity to de-escalate and take active steps to avert further conflict.

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