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What 2021 is showing us about Black lives mattering

More than a year after the pivotal moment where millions of Americans witnessed the murder of George Floyd at the hands of those charged with the responsibility to serve and protect -- and about two weeks after the salutary news that his killer would pay with a 22.5 year prison sentence -- it seems like a good moment to assess what progress, if any, has been made in the social and professional advancement of Black Americans. Unfortunately (but not perhaps unsurprisingly) there are lately troubling new examples that that progress is haltingly slow.

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How to prepare your finances now that things are opening up

It's been more than a year since the pandemic started, and the US economy is showing signs of recovery. Covid-19 vaccinations are rising, states have lifted some pandemic restrictions and many travelers are back on the road.

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'There is a tsunami coming': Widower warns of Covid 'long haulers' plight

Nick Guthe said his wife Heidi Ferrer, a well-known Hollywood screenwriter, had been battling debilitating symptoms for more than a year before she died by suicide. Guthe tells CNN's Alisyn Camerota about his late wife's struggle as a Covid-19 "long hauler." If you or someone you know needs help, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

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Variants and low vaccination rates threaten to prolong pandemic

As the United States continues on a path to near pre-pandemic normalcy, experts remain concerned over low vaccination rates and the spread of variants, which could potentially exacerbate a pandemic that has upended life for more than a year and inflicted a damaging toll on Americans and the world.

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If you think adjusting to life after Covid is tough, imagine going through this

None of us can scroll through our social media feed or a news app without seeing a story or a post about the loss of our social skills after more than a year of lockdown. People are talking -- sometimes jokingly -- about turning into an introvert and having to relearn how to engage with others; experts are weighing in on how to deal with the daunting feeling of navigating awkward moments.

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Barr pushed investigators to finish leak probes

The Justice Department's leak investigation that targeted lawmakers was more than a year old when Attorney General William Barr took office in 2019. Barr had vowed early on to help answer lingering questions from conservatives about the fairness of the Justice Department's handling of politically sensitive investigations.

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Senate chamber trespasser pleads guilty and faces more than a year in prison

A man who wore goggles and carried a Trump flag into the Senate chamber on January 6 as the US Capitol was overrun with rioters became the second riot defendant to plead guilty on Wednesday, setting the tone for what may come as more of the hundreds of cases head toward being resolved in court.

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