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Italy prepares to return to school ... with saws

Italy, the first Covid-19 epicenter outside of China, has used an aggressive testing regime and face coverings to beat back a second wave of the pandemic so far. But as the nation's children prepare to return to the classroom, many schools are taking matters into their own hands -- by chopping up the furniture.

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Covid testing and contact tracing key for safely reopening schools, two new studies suggest

As nations around the world grapple with how to safely reopen schools amid the coronavirus pandemic -- or whether to reopen at all -- two new studies turn a spotlight on strategies that could be key in bringing children back to the classroom: scaled-up testing for cases, effective tracing of the contacts of those who test positive, and isolation of those who test positive or have symptoms.

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White House drops 3 key demands as Senate Republicans drive response to crisis

The White House didn't want to spend new money on coronavirus testing with billions in funds still leftover. President Donald Trump and his education secretary warned schools they wouldn't get money if they didn't fully reopen. And Trump even suggested he would "consider not signing" a stimulus bill without a payroll tax cut.

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Congressional Republicans increasingly confident they'll get full funding for Covid-19 testing in next stimulus

Republicans on Capitol Hill are growing more confident that the Trump administration is moving to support $25 billion in additional funding for Covid-19 testing and contact tracing in the states along with roughly $26 billion for therapeutics and vaccine development and distribution as part of the next stimulus package in response to the pandemic.

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