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Opinion: A sign of Barr's abuse of power

The testimony of Aaron Zelinsky, a deputy to former special counsel Robert Mueller, to the House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday would have been stunning if it wasn't so obviously part of an ongoing pattern of abuse of power at the Justice Department.

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Prosecutors accuse Barr and DOJ of politicizing probes

Two prosecutors in the Justice Department will ratchet up the criticism of Attorney General William Barr on Wednesday with remarkable congressional testimony accusing senior Justice Department officials of politicizing DOJ investigations and the sentencing of a friend of President Donald Trump.

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Ex-Stone prosecutor says Stone treated differently 'because of his relationship to the President'

A deputy to former special counsel Robert Mueller plans to tell a congressional panel Wednesday that the "highest levels" of the Justice Department politicized the sentencing of President Donald Trump's longtime friend and adviser Roger Stone by pressuring the acting US attorney for the District of Columbia to ease up on his sentencing, according to written testimony the committee released Tuesday.

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Who's right on schools, Fauci or Trump?

President Donald Trump has publicly disputed Dr. Anthony Fauci's testimony on Tuesday before a US Senate committee about the dangers of reopening the United States prematurely -- and in particular, Dr. Fauci's warning about starting up schools too early. Fauci said that schools in certain localities might have to remain closed into the fall.

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Opinion: Is Rick Bright's apocalyptic warning right?

In prepared testimony for his appearance before the US House Energy and Commerce subcommittee on Health on Thursday, Rick Bright said he was removed as the director of the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority because he was raising the alarm about the coronavirus early this year and also resisting pressure from the Trump administration to promote an "unproven drug, hydroxychloroquine, to the American people without transparent information on the potential health risks."

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Fox News hosts target Dr. Anthony Fauci

After Dr. Anthony Fauci's Senate testimony, where he said the US doesn't have complete control over the coronavirus pandemic, Fox News hosts criticized him. CNN's Jim Acosta reports.

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