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Argentina's President tests positive for Covid after vaccine

He said he'd take the Covid-19 vaccine first, as a role model for the rest of Argentina. A little over two months after receiving the Russian-made Sputnik V, Argentinian President Alberto Fernández has tested positive for the coronavirus.

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A contested election in Iowa could undermine Americans' faith

Amazingly, the 2020 election is not yet over. There is still a disputed congressional election from Iowa that is making its way through Congress. Although every valid vote should count, the continuing contest shows once again the dangers of a political environment in which losing candidates refuse to accept defeat.

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House Democrats weigh ejecting GOP winner of contested Iowa race

House Democrats are undeterred by the mounting GOP criticism over their review of a contested congressional race that could potentially overturn a state-certified Republican victory in southeast Iowa, brushing back attacks that they are seeking to subvert the will of voters just months after lambasting former President Donald Trump for trying to reverse his electoral defeat.

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Trump's surgeon general questions guidance about getting 2 Covid-19 vaccine shots

Former US Surgeon General Dr. Jerome Adams on Monday questioned the Biden administration's current guidance on getting both Covid-19 vaccine shots for the Moderna and Pfizer/BioNTech vaccines -- which were tested and authorized as a two-dose regimen spaced a few weeks apart -- in order to offer at least some protection immediately to more Americans.

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Here's why some people test positive after getting a Covid-19 vaccine

A Covid-19 vaccine does not provide full or immediate protection, which means it's still possible to get infected and test positive for the virus. Democratic Rep. Stephen Lynch of Massachusetts did. He tested positive after he got his second dose of the Pfizer vaccine. Hall of Fame basketball coach Rick Pitino, who coaches the men's team at Iona College in New York, also tested positive after getting his first dose.

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