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The best shower heads of 2020

Anyone who's spent a night in a dingy motel knows that not all shower heads are created equal. And these days, when self-care is a priority and we're spending more time at home than ever, upgrading your shower head is a no-brainer. First up: deciding the flow that's right for you. Are you a rain shower devotee or someone who prefers intense water pressure pointed directly at your back's aching muscles? Next up: finding a quality head that is easy to install, doesn't leak, looks great and, of course, delivers one heck of a shower.

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China accuses Indian troops of trespassing

China's government has accused Indian troops of illegally trespassing onto Chinese territory, in comments that could set the stage for a second tense border standoff between the two nuclear powers in just three months.

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Analysis: Top Biden VP contenders face sexist tropes, intense scrutiny in final stretch

Joe Biden's decision on his running mate is drawing closer by the day, and the tensions over whom he should pick spilled out into public view this past week, as the women who are his top contenders find themselves navigating around sexist tropes about their ambition and intense scrutiny of the most controversial aspects of their pasts.

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Sorry, Trump: The 2020 election is on

In June 1948, the situation in postwar Berlin was tense. For three years, the city had been divided into competing zones of occupation, but now the Soviet Union had cut the Western Allies' access routes, making a play for dominance.

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Let's talk about Kanye West's claims about Harriet Tubman

Kanye West's campaign rally in South Carolina on Sunday drew our attention with his appalling misinterpretation of Harriet Tubman's legacy when he said Tubman "never actually freed the slaves." Although his comments received much backlash, followed by an intense tweetstorm about his personal life and family, it was too easy for people to dismiss the comments as just a trivial viral sensation.

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