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The surreal beauty of Earth's northernmost buildings

The Arctic invites images of emptiness. Harsh temperatures lead to barren, sparsely populated landscapes beyond the reach of most travelers. This inaccessibility is what first drew Austrian photographer Gregor Sailer to the region.

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Fall: The season of cozy, delicious, wisdom-inducing rediscovery

Fall is the season for all senses. The feel of cooler temperatures after a long summer. A warm, visually pleasing palate of reds, oranges and browns. The taste of pumpkin spice in everything. The sound of crunching leaves underfoot. The smell of woodsmoke.

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Woodward/Costa book details GOP infighting over how to handle Trump after election loss

In their new book "Peril," Bob Woodward and Robert Costa document how top Republicans struggled to manage Donald Trump's exit from the White House while also trying to convince him to help the party down the road. Filled with scenes of backbiting, temper tantrums, and expletive-filled phone calls, the book depicts a GOP in chaos, desperately trying to preserve its relationship with Trump.

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First Afghan evacuees arrive in Germany

A little girl in a gold sequined dress and sneakers can't hide the huge smile on her face, as her temperature is checked upon arrival at the Ramstein US Air Base in southwestern Germany on Saturday.

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Why autumn weather won't be the same this year

At the halfway point of August, fall is quickly approaching as schools are back in session. But warm temperatures and prolonged drought could hinder the traditional fall feeling of cool, crisp mornings with beautiful foliage on the trees.

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